Dino Demos

by T-Rextasy

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Lyrics by Lyris and music by all the gals.
"Daylight Lover" inspired by Toni Morrison's Sula.
Recorded live at Lena's pad.
Art by Annie, Vera, and Lyris.


released March 9, 2014



all rights reserved


T-Rextasy New York, New York

Dashing Dino Dames


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Track Name: I Wanna Be A Punk Rocker
Oh, daughter dearest
You will wear cableknit sweaters
You will become a doctor after studying at Cornell

Oh, daughter dearest
You will reside on Park Avenue
And marry David Cohen at Temple Emanu-El

Oh, daddy dearest
I don't think your plans sound so swell
Oh, daddy dearest
I got something I wanna tell you

I do love you
I do father
But I wanna be a punk rocker

No, daughter dearest
Your best friend will be your therapist
Your face won't display pain anymore on account of your facelift

No, daughter dearest
You'll be alone in your Hamptons home
'Cause David will leave you for his twenty-year-old receptionist

No, daddy dearest
All your plans for me resemble hell
No, daddy dearest
I got something I wanna tell you

I do love you
I do father
But I wanna be a punk rocker

Oh, daddy, please don't go and erupt in hysterics
I was always terrible at math past the arithmetic
I'm aware I am defying your expectations
But I wanna feel every ear-splitting vibration
I know I didn't select a very lucrative art
But I gotta listen to the beating of my moshing heart

I do love you
I do father
But I wanna be a punk rocker
Track Name: Daylight Lover
When she's strutting down the streets
All the members of the opposite sex, they turn their cheeks
And all the churchgoers and the grocerybaggers
Talk about her like there's nothing else to speak
And what you've heard is true
She might even do it with you
But don't expect to stay the night
She doesn't need you regularly in her life

"Hey, sugar."
No one could say it like her
Carrying a sack of flour
Or something unromantic
She could make it seem romantic
She wants sex and nothing more
So when they are finished copulating, she says "Hey baby, there's the door."

'Cause she's a daylight lover
And she's a sunshine fucker
So don't you ever dare to dream beside her
'Cause she'll come down there with a meat cleaver

She knows she's pretty
She can manipulate hearts
They are the dartboards, she will bring the darts
Does she have a conscience? You wonder
But she wants to do what feels good
Not just what they think she should
She doesn't care what they say around the neighborhood

Here she comes
She's walking like a woman and she's fucking like a man
Here she comes
Thinking about you after is not part of the plan

'Cause she's a daylight lover
And she's a sunshine fucker
Never watch the moon adjacent
She detests any commitment

It is a rainy night in the middle of Ohio
Husbands and wives are sharing dinners of small baked potatoes
She is on her own tonight, she couldn't locate a date
But she doesn't mind 'cause she can always masturbate