Jurassic Punk

by T-Rextasy

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Boog_Risin thumbnail
Boog_Risin Can't really explain why I love this so much, maybe its her voice? I dont know, its just great Favorite track: Yellow Jacket Boy.
Brian Sant
Brian Sant thumbnail
Brian Sant Absolutely amazing!! i love this record!! you rocked Burts!!! Favorite track: Yellow Jacket Boy.
Daisy Martinez
Daisy Martinez thumbnail
Daisy Martinez Super fun energy! These girls are amazing! <3 Favorite track: I Wanna Be A Punk Rocker.
Alex G
Alex G thumbnail
Alex G Dear World:
Do yourself a favor and listen to this weird and wild band. Tuneful and dancey, with a lead singer who speaks an English dialect never before heard on Earth. Lene Lovich meets Patti Smith, if you know what I mean. Favorite track: I Wanna Be A Punk Rocker.
Carolyn Michaels
Carolyn Michaels thumbnail
Carolyn Michaels I mean, can I just be one of these women? Poppy punk sound + interesting accents + funny and real lyrics = pure love! Favorite track: Gap Yr Boiz.
Emily thumbnail
Emily such talented songwriters + so good live! Favorite track: Gap Yr Boiz.
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released May 20, 2016

T-Rextasy is Lyris Faron, Ebun Nazon-Power, Annie Fidoten, Lena Abraham, and Vera Kahn. Jurassic Punk was written by T-Rextasy. Produced, engineered, and mixed by Christopher Daly at Salvation Recording Co. with additional engineering by Eli Ben-Yaacov. Mastered by Jamal Ruhe at West West Side Music. Cassette and cover designed by Annie Fidoten. Released on Miscreant Records and Father/Daughter Records.

Special thanks to: Jeanette Wall, Jessi Frick, Christopher Daly and Samantha Gloffke, Jamal Ruhe, Eli Ben-Yaacov, Claudia Ross, Christian Larrave, Lisa Kirsch and Hertzel Abraham, Sophie Abraham, Doug and Beth Fidoten, Marie Nazon, Apryl Miller and Dylan Sparkle, Robin Gillespie and Richard Kahn, Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls, PWR BTTM a.k.a. Benjamin Hopkins and Liv Bruce, Petalwar, Bridget Malloy, Elizabeth Philips, Heather White, Mod 35 Gals, Emma, Sophie K., Julian, Maggie, Ella, Luke, Charlie, Olivia, KC, Fiona, Lilly, Alison, Jesse, and anyone who has ever supported us.

"Daylight Lover" inspired by Toni Morrison's Sula.


all rights reserved



T-Rextasy New York, New York

Dashing Dino Dames

Photo: Ulloa

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Track Name: Chick'N
You called me a baby chicken, hot and super finger lickin’
But you can’t have me, I’m not your poultry
You said I’m like a little nugget, soft and sweet and full of lovin’
But you are dead wrong- if I were meat, I’d be filet mignon
I am not a piece of food
I’m not that sweet, I can be rude
Don’t call me cupcake, or honey pie
Pet names make me wanna fucking die
If one day I become a muffin, if one day I become a danish
You’ll want to taste me, but I’ll be display-only
If one day you have got a sweet tooth, if one day I become a cream puff
You’ll want to try a try a bite, but I’ll be sprinkled in cyanide
You are under the impression I’m your personal grocery
You’re under the delusion that you’re making the most of me
But each time that you call me pastry, you chip away at my agency
Track Name: I Wanna Be A Punk Rocker
Oh, daughter dearest, you will wear cableknit sweaters
You will become a doctor after studying at Cornell
Oh, daughter dearest, you will reside on Park Avenue
And marry David Cohen at Temple Emanu-El
Oh, daddy dearest, I don't think your plans sound so swell
Oh, daddy dearest, I got something I wanna tell you
I do love you, I do father, but I wanna be a punk rocker
No, daughter dearest, your best friend will be your therapist
Your face won't display pain anymore on account of your facelift
No, daughter dearest, you'll be alone in your Hamptons home
'Cause David will leave you for his twenty-year-old receptionist
No, daddy dearest, all your plans for me resemble hell
No, daddy dearest, I got something I wanna tell you
Oh, daddy, please don't go and erupt in hysterics
I was always terrible at math past the arithmetic
I'm aware I am defying your expectations
But I wanna feel every ear-splitting vibration
I know I didn't select a very lucrative art
But I gotta listen to the beating of my moshing heart
Track Name: What Gets Me
When we are a’ walking, and I lay my eyes on you
I gotta take a breather, ‘cause my body feels like goo
When we are a’ dancing, and you lay your hands on me
I gotta take a moment, ‘cause I feel like grape jelly
Oh, baby, 1, 2, 3, 4
What gets me
So randy
Weak in knees
So kinky
Is all the respect you’ve got for me
When you’re thinking of me, you call me to tell me so
Baby, call the doctor, ‘cause I’m flailing head to toe
When you say you love me, so tender and genuine
Dial up 911 ‘cause baby, you make me lose my mind
You may ask my hand in dance
But ultimately understand that I wear the pants
You do hold the door for me, but don’t use feminism to nullify chivalry
You don’t mind my imperfections
You’re just the kinda man of which I’ve always been a’wishin’
Track Name: Yellow Jacket Boy
All the other fellas always wear something jive
But my yellow jacket boy, he stands out in the hive
With a coat of yellow leather, he looks mighty fine
I can always see him coming down the line
Yellow jacket boy
I can always see him coming down the line
Someday soon I swear I'm gonna make him mine
I can feel the buzz
That he gets when he's seein' me
Yellow jacket boy,
Oh, I wanna be your Queen Bee
Buzz, buzz, buzz
Ain't gonna be coy 'cause I am proud of being sleazy
I wanna talk to you about the birdies and the beesies
Ain't gonna be coy 'cause that's an adjective that I'm not
I want you darling boy to stick your stinger inside my honey pot
Track Name: Daylight Lover
When she's strutting down the street
All the members of the opposite sex, they turn their cheeks
And all the churchgoers and the grocerybaggers
Talk about her like there's nothing else to speak
And what you've heard is true- she might even do it with you
But don't expect to stay the night
She doesn't need you regularly in her life
"Hey, sugar," No one could say it like her
Carrying a sack of flour, or something unromantic
She could make it seem romantic. She wants sex and nothing more
So when they are finished copulating, she says,
"Hey baby, there's the door."
'Cause she's a daylight lover, she's a sunshine fucker
So don't you ever dare to dream beside her
'Cause she'll come down there with a meat cleaver
She knows she's pretty, she can manipulate hearts
They are the dartboards, she will bring the darts
Does she have a conscience? You wonder
But she wants to do what feels good, not just what they think she should
She doesn't care what they say around the neighborhood
Here she comes, she's walking like a woman and she's fucking like a man
Here she comes, thinking about you after is not part of the plan
Never watch the moon adjacent, she detests any commitment
It is a rainy night in the middle of Ohio
Husbands and wives are sharing dinners of small baked potatoes
She is on her own tonight, she couldn't locate a date
But she doesn't mind 'cause she can always masturbate
Track Name: Ms. Dolores
Under the white light of the cafeteria
She hands the beef lasagna to the second grader
Who spits onto the beef lasagna
Behind the counter, she begins to wonder:
When did my dreams die? Where did my life go?
But Ms. Dolores, if you were gone
Who would feed the children? How would they get nourishment?
Oh Ms. Dolores, recognize the importance of your role
Oh Ms. Dolores, go and wipe that frown from under your mole
One lunchtime, the kids are in line
Expecting to dine, but there's an issue inside the kitchen
Tiny bodies were collapsing out of starvation
'Cause Dolores is missing in action
She's at home on Cherry Street, a-weeping softly under her sheets
Thinking I could've been an actress, or I could've been a stewardess
I coulda been a million things besides a school lunch lady
Serving children that don't think to thank me
But Ms. Dolores, when you were gone
No one fed the children, no one got nourishment
Please Ms. Dolores, recognize the importance of your role
Please Ms. Dolores, go and wipe that frown from under your mole
Someday soon, she enters the lunchroom
And every elementary schooler runs to the door to greet her
Wrapping their limbs 'round Dolores, they tell her they missed her
They tell her they love the way she prepares sloppy joes- and now she knows
Ms. Dolores has recognized the importance of her role
Ms. Dolores is wearing a smile underneath her mole
Track Name: Gap Yr Boiz
We were layin’ on a hill and the sun was going down
Wayne was pointing out the itsy caterpillars on the ground
And he gently kissed me on the cheek and said he had to go
‘Cause there were eco-friendly fields of kale he needed to help grow
Next to saving the less fortunate, I guess I lost my charm
WOOFER Wayne picked up and flew away to irrigate a farm
He dug my heart out with a spade and then he dragged me through the dirt
Well, I hope he's reached enlightenment in his designer yurt
I’ll read your gap year blog, follow all the things you do
Saw that you spent seven thousands bucks on farming in Peru
I think you look real swell in that woven tribal wear
And your buzzcut really suits you, you looked bougie with long hair
Then bongo drumming David came a’ knockin’ on my soul
He kept maracas in his pockets and was bored by rock and roll
He percussed me off my feet and he sent shivers down my spine
I tried to keep up with his beat, but I never could keep time
And my lack of rhythmic inclinations sent him far away
He went off to drum in Kenya, left his Beats by Dr. Dre
Told me he's released his spirit, and the wind's his soundtrack now
Hope his remix of nature's tricks is posted on Soundcloud
I thought we'd never be over
Thought that one of these boys would become a nice Vice vlogger
And enroll at Wesleyan, or maybe Sarah Lawrence
Not leave to find themselves in the goddamn forest

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