Ms. Dolores

by T-Rextasy

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Lyrics by Lyris and music by all the gals.
Art by Vera and Lyris.


Under the white light of the cafeteria
She hands the beef lasagna
To the second grader
Who spits onto the beef lasagna

Behind the counter
She begins to wonder:
When did my dreams die?
Where did my life go?

But Ms. Dolores
If you were gone
Who would feed the children?
How would they get nourishment?
Oh Ms. Dolores, recognize the importance of your role
Oh Ms. Dolores, go and wipe that frown from under your mole

One lunchtime
The kids are in line
Expecting to dine
But there's an issue inside the kitchen

Tiny bodies
Were collapsing
Out of starvation
'Cause Dolores is missing in action

She's at home on Cherry Street
A-weeping softly under her sheets
Thinking I could've been an actress
Or I could've been a stewardess
I coulda been a million things
Besides a school lunch lady
Serving children that don't think to thank me

But Ms. Dolores
When you were gone
No one fed the children
No one got nourishment
Please Ms. Dolores, recognize the importance of your role
Please Ms. Dolores, go and wipe that frown from under your mole

Someday soon
She enters the lunchroom
And every elementary schooler
Runs to the door to greet her

Wrapping their limbs 'round Dolores
They tell her they missed her
They tell her they love the way she prepares sloppy joes

And now she knows

Ms. Dolores has recognized the importance of her role
Ms. Dolores is wearing a smile underneath her mole


released June 24, 2014



all rights reserved


T-Rextasy New York, New York

Dashing Dino Dames

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