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T-Rextasy is Lyris Faron on vocals, Annie Fidoten on bass, Ebun Nazon-Power on drums and Vera Kahn on guitar.

Additional guitar on "Tattoo," "Girl, Friend" by Cena Loffredo
Additional writing on "Girl, Friend" by Reggie Bender
Additional writing on "Theme From Prehysteria," "I Don't Do Brunch," "Baby," "Pretty Boy" by Lena Abraham
Trumpet on "The Zit Song," "Coffee?" "I Don't Do Brunch" by Eva Arce
Trombone on "The Zit Song," "Coffee?" "I Don't Do Brunch" by Lucy Hollier

Prehysteria was written and produced by T-Rextasy. Engineered, mixed and additional production by Christopher Daly at Salvation Recording Co. with additional engineering by Matt Noble at The Loft. Mastered by Jamal Ruhe at West West Side Music.

Cover art by Yase Smallens, Annie Fidoten and Ulloa Photo & Video Center.

Thank you to Apryl, Dylan, Doug, Beth, Marie, Norman, Robin, Richard, Lisa, Hertzel, Lena, Reggie, Em, Trish, Cena, Filip, Jessi, Matt N., Emily, Christian, Jess, Lindsay and Jess, Mark, Yase, Dena, Sophie, Big Blue, Maddie, Shay, Sandy, Emma Lee Toyoda, Blacker Face, Honey Cutt, Zenizen, Leggy, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, God, our Indiegogo supporters and anyone who has ever believed in us.


released January 3, 2019


all rights reserved



T-Rextasy New York, New York

Dashing Dino Dames

Photo: Ulloa

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Track Name: The Zit Song
Sometimes high school’s so hard, kids can be a drag
When your best friend is a pimple who makes everybody gag
Introduced him to my classmates, thought he’d be a hit
Tammy says “I’d rather die than make friends with your zit,”
Hey girl, you gotta get rid of that thing

You’ll never be the prom queen
Or the teen dream
No one’ll call you baby
When we see you we scream

Susie Sue’s like “Oh my god, have you ever washed your face?”
Jojo’s like “I think you’re cute, but can you get that thing erased?”
My zit is sobbin’, weepin’- Don’t you want me to stay?
When I get home, my Mom says, after school debate,
“Sweetheart, if you don’t get rid of that thing…”

Well, I wash off my make-up
In the bathroom stall
Look myself in the mirror
Go out in the hall
Where Jojo’s like “Ew,”
Tammy, they’re still like “Yuck,”
But my zit is my friend, and I don’t give a-

‘Cause I’m the prom queen
I’m the teen dream
Worship me baby
When you see me you’ll scream
Track Name: Coffee?
Let’s get some coffee, baby

When we first were kissin’ you gave me a french press
Wrapped your arms around me and we began to undress
You took me to the table, laid me among the beans
Leaned in and asked me “So how do we grind these?”
I said “I can do you kinder, I’ll give you my parent’s grinder.”

Grind me please
Grind my beans

Let’s get more coffee, baby

Now your press is collecting dust, my hips you don’t touch
The coffee you made me is not even hot, lukewarm dregs at the bottom of the pot
When I ask for what I want you laugh, you make me feel like I’m some kind of empty carafe
I been trying to get through to you- you just serve me cold shoulder brew

You buy premium beans but you won’t flick my bean

Won’t you please grind me?
You’re a coffee snob and all our love is gone
Track Name: Girl, Friend
Know we just got coffee yesterday
I got a lotta readings to do
Why don’t you come over and we’ll hang out?
Oh just give me a time and place

Be my friend, girl
Be my girlfriend
I don’t know how I want this to end

I’m diggin’ your dapper dungarees
I wanna dance with you ‘til we drop
You wanna go outside and get some air?
-’cause this crowd is huge

I wanna see you try on all my clothes
Let me know if you wanna spend the night
Made you a mixtape I wanna play
“Are you gay?” “IDK”
Track Name: Rip Van Vintage
It’s Saturday night, everyone’s hangin’ with their friends
But I don’t mind, ‘cause I got the internet
It’s Friday night, everyone’s hangin’ with their crushes
But I’m not down, I got wireless access
And at the click of a button can make real human connection

Perusin’ patterns that are one-of-a-kind
Surpasses any thrill I could derive from socializing
My "suggested" tab anticipates my desires
Now I only ache for touch sometimes
And at the click of a button I can achieve satisfaction

Window shoppin’ on Etsy, find me searchin’ paisley
Psychedelic mini dress, I find it for less than $20 dollars

She’s got something to mend, she doesn’t have any friends
You see with people, there can be constant complications
But with vintage- just gotta deal with alterations
Yeah, with people, there can be eternal issues
Therefore vintage, it’s the perfect substitution
Well, at least, I think
Track Name: Theme from Prehysteria
They come from the jungle, or do they come from New York City?
Do they come from the cretaceous era or do they come from this millenia?

Dino Dames, all the rage
Live on stage, go go go

You better sleep with one eye open
They’re comin’ to your area
You better sharpen your claws
They’re spreadin’ prehysteria
Track Name: I Don't Do Lunch
Woke up this morning with my lover in my arms
But you can’t spread butter onto your lover’s charms
I was dreamin’ last night of fresh baked bread
Can’t spend another minute in my bed

I’m a breakfast gal, and I don’t eat lunch
Maybe if I like you, I’ll take you out to brunch
I gotta go, I gotta run, the early bird special ends at 1

Oh, it doesn’t matter who wakes up next to me
By 9 am I can’t pretend that I’m not hungry
When my tummy rumbles I know I gotta go
Sorry cutie pie, but there’s something you should know

Got melodies to make and a guitar to tune
I won’t waste the day on you
Sunny sides are waitin’ and my toast is hot
And Doris already filled my coffee pot
Track Name: Baby
Hey, little baby, I wish I could be like you
Hey, little baby, I wish I could be you

You don’t got nothin’ to do, you don’t got no one to prove
Yeah, they already love you, but you just sat there and drooled

Discoverin’ the world anew, it’s all a wonder to you
You are fascinated by every object that you eye

You're the center of attention at every family function
You are as adorable as a miniature pumpkin
How I wish I could be you, in all your infant flair,
I’m twenty all I wanna do’s sleep with my teddy bear

Down down baby, down by the rollercoaster
Sweet sweet baby, I’ll never let you go
Track Name: Maddy's Got a Boyfriend
Sick of havin’ boyfriends, done with kissin’ dudes
Gonna find another love who won’t give me the blues
She’ll take me on her motorbike and we’ll roam among the stars
Kick all of the hipster boys out of the lesbian bars

But Maddy’s got a boyfriend, Dana’s gone on tour
Noticed Joe’s pro-life button and I walked them out the door
Maddy’s got a boyfriend, it’s tearin’ me apart
Thought I’d find my one queer love from the very start

Her leather jacket’s gettin’ stiff
She has a scratch that I just can’t itch
I wanna take her to the shore
But she says the ocean is a bore
When my boots go fast hers creep slow
When I say stop she says go
She leaves me crying in the sand
She says she never liked my band!

I’m scared that I’m not queer enough
That I’m not cool or tough enough
They say you should love yourself
Before you love somebody else
I love myself, why can’t I find
Someone who wants to be just mine?
Track Name: Pretty Boy
I see you, yeah, I see you
I see you suckin’ cigarettes Tuesday afternoons
I just walk by, yeah, I walk by
‘Cause you already know we fancy you
I could’ve said what was on my mind,
Which was:
“I would lick all of you until the end of time,”
But I kept my comment to myself
‘Cause I didn’t wanna further inflate your ego

Pretty boy, darlin’ boy, you’re such a lovely sight
When you keep your mouth shut tight
Pretty boy, darlin’ boy, I’ll love you from a distance
‘Cause I can’t stand your opinions

I hear you, yeah, I hear you,
I hear you makin’ your noises that you call "music"
I just walk by, yeah, I walk by,
I gotta stop my ears from bleedin’

You identify as “feminist”
Strictly for the purposes of pickin’ up chicks
You call yourself a “New Yorker”
But you were born and raised in Westchester

And if I get any closer, yeah if you become my lover
It’d be dangerous for my health, if I get any closer
I’d hand right over all my heart
And open up my tender parts
With arms crossed, you’d still be smirkin’
While I’m down on knees bleedin’
That’s why I sing
Track Name: Tattoo!
I know we’re gettin’ pretty serious
I love you but I’m scared
I been feelin’ kinda nervous
Don’t know if I’m prepared
But she held my hand and told me that
She really loved me, too,
Sterilized the sewing needle-
Could she give me a tattoo?

Realized I was dreaming and I woke up screaming

I am not only my body
Built to house your heart
I am not a quiet canvas
For you to draw your art

Next evenin’ I was loungin’
On homeroom teacher’s couch
After pleasant conversation,
They got the flash sheet out
It’s buy one get one, teach informed me,
Readying the gun
I’ll let you skip your homework
If you pick my favorite one

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